Public Performance License – Per Person License Fee


This item is used to pay for the number of attendees to a Public Performance of BLIND EYES OPENED.  Enter the quantity of attendees in the box next to the Add to Cart button below and proceed with the purchase.  Note: The Initial License Fee must be purchased prior to the event.

In order to host a Public Performance of BLIND EYES OPENED at a physical location, the following three requirements must be met:

  1.  The Initial License Fee must be purchased for $25 before the event (Click HERE to purchase the Initial License Fee on the Ships of Tarshish web store). The Public Performance License Certificate is downloadable upon purchase of this Initial License Fee.
  2.  A Per Person License Fee must be paid in the amount of $5 per attendee of the film’s showing, within 10 days following the event (Through the purchase of this web store item, by entering the number of attendees at the event)
  3.  If Fundraising occurs at the event, 10% of all gross revenues/income (in excess of the $5 per person license fee) generated surrounding the event must be sent as a donation to the Ships of Tarshish Inc, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, within 30 days following the event.  Ships of Tarshish will distribute 100% of this offering to the survivors featured in BLIND EYES OPENED and the Ships of Tarshish as producers of the film.  The Donation Form is downloadable upon purchase of this Initial License Fee, and is to be returned with the donation of funds raised at the event.

Digital streaming or broadcast in any form is NOT permitted.  DVD is NOT included with this license. If you are interested in buying DVDs in bulk at a discounted rate to have available for resale at your screening, please email KnockTV at [email protected].

Contact Ships of Tarshish at [email protected] if you wish to request the Executive Producers of BLIND EYES OPENED to be present at your event. To reach any survivor or other organization featured in the film, go to

BLIND EYES OPENED is Licensed and Distributed by KnockTV, LLC.